My Work - Michelle A. Hardwick


As a small child, my passion was to help people heal. Since then I have always been fascinated with health and well-being. Growing up however, like many of you, I suffered distressing challenges and a myriad of other unpleasant situations. As you might expect, these had a profound effect upon me.

My Work

Then in my early 30’s, after a divorce and a few other very painful mistakes, I realised I could no longer ignore the truth nor run from it. I began a journey of healing, utilizing my skills – as Hypnotherapist, EFT & NLP practitioner – and with the help of other therapists, I overcame my inner struggles. With yet more processing, I let go of my past and now see the gifts in all those difficulties. I am grateful for each and every of them, as they shaped and made me into the person (and practitioner) I am today.

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My work with Michelle A. Hardwick

My Work - Michelle A. Hardwick

My work therefore, is a mix of the most powerful processes utilised during this journey of healing and evolution. Through first-hand experience, I have come to understand how important it is to heal our past, present and future as well as our minds, bodies, emotions and our soul.

Inner Transformation

When I work with clients I usually start by going back into the past. It is here we can discover the origin of some of the current difficulties, patterns, emotions, responses or behaviours. Instead of re-living the discomfort from that time however, we simply release it. Then we can gain a more ‘adult perspective’ and deeper understanding of what occurred back then.

In subsequent consultations we move to the present, establishing a new framework or foundation of you. As you begin to see yourself and the world around you with new eyes, you feel more peaceful, aware and empowered, enjoying each moment the present offers you.

Where appropriate, and as required we move into the future. Having removed the old layers of who you are not, we reconnect you to who you truly are – to your soul, perhaps also to your purpose/destiny and mission, igniting what you are capable of and what you actually came here to accomplish.

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