Moving House

Moving House with Michelle A. HardwickMoving House

We’re currently in the process of moving house. It’s the reason why there have been no posts from me – until now.

Moving house represents a massive period of change for everyone – adults, children, pets and even plants. The UK’s Daily Telegraph shared an article about Moving House written by Eimear O’Hagan  stating that “in a recent poll, two thirds of people voted moving house top of their stress list, with it triggering more anxiety than relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job.”

I agree. We’re not only having to cope with numerous factors that are out of our control e.g. probate timing, solicitors’ and land agents timing; but we have to juggle work commitments and make sure our basic needs are met – such as eating and sleeping. In addition, there is a whole process of going through our treasures or “stuff” ( and realizing just how much we’ve collected/hoarded in a short space of time!). Finally we have to then decide what to let go of – and what to keep. The final stages are packing/unpacking and finding new places for everything! Here’s a handy checklist to help you too. The whole experience can be massively unsettling for anyone. No matter how many times you’ve done it or how mindful you are.

Stay Grounded While Moving House

Having everything everywhere creates a feeling of being displaced and ungrounded. My partner and I have moved a few times already, so I decided to go about this move differently.
Firstly as soon as I heard the news that our offer had been accepted, I got busy in the kitchen making loads of meals and putting them in the freezer ready for us to take out defrost and reheat. In the past I’d turned to fast food to get us through – which was neither satisfying nor nutritious. This time, I bought partially ready-made superfoods like quinoa, lentils, gluten free pasta, frozen vegetables too that could be made into or added to meals quickly. I made sure I drank plenty of fresh, pure, filtered water. As much as I could, I took a short walk out in nature each morning.

Moving House and Keeping Balance

Keeping  balance while moving house can be tricky. Be mindful that this such a massive process of change. Coupled with the above, I scheduled myself into my own diary to have a treatment of reflexology. (If I’m not balanced – then the consequences are disastrous for everyone!) Reflexology helps me relax and come back to my centre. Even then with everything that was going on, it wasn’t always easy and there were still times when I felt overwhelmed. When that happened I would tap (using EFT).

When I felt myself tense up I would do some deep breathing. (The best way to do this is to have big sighs as you breathe out. Lift your shoulders up as you breathe in and drop them as your breath out). If worst came to worst, I’d take myself off and go to bed early.

Mindfully Moving House

Moving House with Michelle A. HardwickMindfully moving house is important. Making sure our bodies are nurtured is just one part. Do all you can to remain mindful and aware that this process is a journey. Trust that all will work out perfectly, as it is meant to.

And of course, it does.

I am still incredibly grateful and in awe of how quickly and magically everything came together. What usually takes months – even a year in some cases, took us 2 months from signing to moving.

We also found what we needed for the house, when we needed it. We are still unpacking and our ‘nest’ is still unfolding. I am humbled at how supported we’ve been.

More blogs coming soon!



Gratitude - 7th wonder of the soul weekendI am full of gratitude. Recently I facilitated the final and 7th of our ‘Seven Wonders of the Soul Weekend‘ at the Liss Ard Estate, West Cork, Ireland. Each of these weekends take place roughly every 3-4 months, and form part of a evolutionary programme that extends over a 2-year period.

My gratitude is to everyone in this group because they have been through a lot. There were a number of ups and downs for each of them over the two years since we began in 2014. I am delighted and thrilled that many decided to stay with the programme and see it all the way through.

Group Process

The weekends give our soul a platform on which to express itself. We get to peel back/drop layers of ‘who were are not’ to uncover who we truly are. Sometimes we discover things we love about ourselves. Sometimes things we don’t like. This can be hard for our ego to accept.

Gratitude to All

A group setting like this offers a special opportunity for a shared journey and promotes greater insights, profound realizations and an experience of powerful group energy. So naturally over the two years there were participants who came and went. Some attended one of these weekends, others stayed for a few. Their attendance related to their availability; commitments; where they were at personally; or how far they chose to go on their own journey of evolution. Every single person who participated in the group learned something about themselves and also shared something valuable of themselves with the group; their sharing allowed us all to grow. I feel such gratitude to each of them too.

Continuing the Journey

Now that this group has completed the seven weekends, what does this mean? Are they Perfect? Well…Not quite. They have much more self-awareness and understanding. Now they choose whether to listen to their ego or their soul. They can choose whether they want to feel hurt or upset. Now, instead of carrying emotional baggage around with them, they can make a decision, choose to drop the emotional suffering, work through it, take the gift, feel the gratitude and let the rest go.

I doubt I will ever be perfect, (that’s not why I am on this planet) nor am I finished with my growth. Until I have learned all I need to learn, shared all I need to share, taught all I need to teach, given all I must give and taken all that I need to take, my journey will not be complete. It is on-going. Sometimes it’s not nice, but it’s all part of the plan. However, when we stop our growth this is a decision which is based from our ego not our soul. Our soul will continue to put us in challenging/difficult situations so that we can grow/learn. If we keep the status quo and stop learning – that’s when we get stuck either in our ego, or we become unwell and we suffer emotionally.

Gratitude for Your Kind Feedback

The group members have given me permission to share their feedback. I am very grateful them for doing this. Here’s what some of them shared:

“I learned that pain is a positive resource in the search for my self. I learned that I have come such a long way in two years. I am getting closer to enjoying the process of letting go and that fear has been my driver for years”

“It is easier to have the support of a group to help you with a deeper level of understanding”

Gratitude seven-wonders-of-soul“Go to these weekends as its an investment in your life’s journey and will help you understand things at a faster and deeper level”

“Fantastic weekend. Great to connect with Source. Loved our group meditation. The weekend is transformative, unlike a therapy session you leave with a sense of what to do next and how to process. Unlike a massage or a spa treatment the transformation is lasting. It is a balm to soothe your wounded heart and soul”

“A life-changing journey which one has to walk to understand. I would say ‘look at my life now’. This is a gift to your Self, your Soul and Family”

“Wonderful journey of our souls: unfolding, discovering, healing, empowering, truly profound we are amazingly guided by an extraordinary, lively soul”

“I get to experience myself within the understanding of the topics we being worked on. With respect, confidentiality and trust, a number of people share during 2 days a part of their life. The weekend provides a space to feel yourself, choose to heal, meet beautiful human beings, taste food, share you with other people and be with nature”

What an amazing journey we have been on – my thanks and love to each of you.


Michelle A. HardwickIf you are ready to take part in an inner journey of evolution in these life-changing weekends called The ‘Seven Wonders of the Soul’ contact me, Michelle A. Hardwick. 

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