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Soul Connection

Our Soul

Soul Broad Bay New ZealandLearning about my Soul…Suffering from extreme stress, malnutrition and burn-out, I left my job in the hospitality industry and said goodbye to Beijing. I moved to New Zealand in 1997 and in the New Year, I started a 2-year Diploma studying Hypnotherapy. Later I began a practice, which I called the “Mind, Body & Spirit Clinic”, located on the Otago Peninsula, in a beautiful town called Broad Bay (pictured right).

Initially I offered Hypnotherapy to clients. Soon after, I added the tools of NLP and EFT. As my reputation grew and more people booked consultations, the cases I was confronted with became more challenging. Although there was a spiritual aspect to my work, I felt it was not as strong as it could be.

A close friend introduced me to a Sacred Mystery School, which I joined. Over a 2 year period, I delved very deeply within, shedding more layers through group process, individual and group meditations; as well as profound spiritual teachings. I learned about my Soul. I discovered we each had one or more Soul wounds, and found that the pain we experience in life was directly linked to these Soul wounds and part of our journey as well as our evolution was to accept, love and heal these wounds. Yet many of us are unaware of their existence. The more I uncovered and understood about our Soul wounds, the more I was fascinated. I went on to further my education, training with the wonderful Dr. Brian Weiss and the incredible Dolores Cannon of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT).

Soul Wounds

Our soul wounds are deep emotional recurring hurts that have not been healed. How you can identify a soul wound is that you keep getting involved in similar situations that trigger the same pain. For example – it could be around rejection. You might have first been rejected by your parents (they wanted a boy not a girl), then a child at school didn’t want to sit next to you and you felt rejected and humiliated, perhaps your first love two-timed you or your boss at work rejected the project you were working on. Essentially you keep being rejected. Liken it to a play – there is a stage: the scenes change, so do the people, the scenarios alter slightly – but the main character (you) is always center stage.

Some clients get so sick of the wound that they go for help to resolve it, but only the behaviour is identified. The root of problem – the soul wound – isn’t healed and it keeps being repeated over and over, again and again in life.

Healing Our Soul Wounds

Consequently as my understanding grew, my work began to change. The more I excavated and went deeper to heal my own Soul wounds, the more I attracted clients who wanted to do the same. Together, using my developing style of Hypnotherapy (and what I later termed Soul Connection), we established a platform for the Soul to communicate with us. We gained access to a level of awareness that offered more clarity, understanding and insight. The Soul began to share specifics about the wounds; as well as the path to healing and evolution. Many clients:

  • soul healingReceived information based on where they were; what they have done in the past; and gained feedback about how they were doing.
  • Acquired guidance regarding their personal evolution process.
  • Learned more about their true destiny/purpose.
  • Released resistance and healed their Soul wounds.
  • Gained a sense of peace, understanding and self-acceptance.
  • Accessed the bigger picture of themselves where they opened up a variety of possibilities: including self-love; self-understanding – and/or a desire to help others.

It was – and still is – powerful and liberating work. I’m humbled with what each clients’ Soul chooses to share with them. It is a privilege to be witness to this level of Truth.


Quote by David Richo

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

Kind Feedback

Feel free to read some of the comments clients have given me below:

Thank you Soul Connection with Michelle Hardwick“I am doing really well after my private session with you. I feel healthier, happier, and more energetic, too. Thank you for your help.”
“Today it was amazing. The new work you are doing is sooo profound and deep. Unbelievable. Through you my soul was able to show me who I really am. It all felt true to me. It came from my soul and you went with it so beautifully. I love you for what you are and what you became and where you will go.  You have grown so much and everything you learn you give to us in an incredibly humble way with fun and laughter (so it doesn’t get too heavy). You changed my life. You will help others become true to themselves. I am very, very blessed that you came into my life. Thanks Michelle from the bottom of my heart.”
“Since the soul connection with you I feel compete, with this inner peace that has its seat deep down inside the heart. I feel it physically where the seat of the soul is. Before it was just theory. I feel differently around men. Confident, I have nothing to prove, nothing to fight for, I am totally relaxed in my centre. It is so nice and peaceful and I enjoy every moment. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for that session that made me complete again.”
“Thank you for the wonderful session! I am being made aware of many issues with much more clarity”
“You were superb ..If it wasn’t you being spot on and being guided I wouldn’t have discovered this. I feel more joyous and lighter now that a whole lot more emotional baggage has been released. I’m thankful. Please continue to do this work….it’s so important now as the consciousness of planet is rising … we need people like you (and me)…”
“Dear Michelle, thank you so much for the session today. I still have such a nice sense of calm inside me, which I am guarding carefully. Today was one big step forward. Thank you for doing this work in the world. Love and light”
“Thank you so much for helping me reach into my soul. Being able to find out what I have been suppressing all these years has made me feel a lot lighter and relaxed. I am starting to love myself for who I am better and am conscious of loving and protecting the child and teenage me who reside in my heart.  As you said, this is only the beginning of a journey. I shall continue using all the tools from NLP, Innerwork and Reiki to get connected with my soul more often. Thanks a lot for your help. Thanks and kind regards from my heart.”
“Thank you for taking me on a journey of discovery and release yesterday. I really enjoyed it and feel amazing!”

Contact MeMichelle A. Hardwick - Soul Connection Consultations

Each day I am grateful to my clients for booking consultations and having the courage to go deeper. They are committed to healing their wounds, to finding their Truth and freeing themselves from their past.

If you would like to communicate more fully with your Soul, contact me to book your private, confidential consultationAppointments can also be booked online here. I am also available at the pioneering Natural Clinic in Cork city, Ireland on Thursdays.

If  you don’t live in Ireland, don’t worry, we can work together online via Skype and Zoom from the comfort of your office/home. You can call me on: (Ireland) 0871492338 or (UK) 07857369619 to chat more.

Alternatively join me for one of our potent Weekend Retreats in the stunning Liss Ard Estate, West Cork, Ireland. Over two fabulous days we delve deeper and uncover/discover more about our Soul and ourselves. I’ve teamed up with the wonderful Chef/Nutritionist Jorien who creates yummy, tasty, healthy, filling, vegan and vegetarian treats for our weekends! Ready to book? Click here.

We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be the best version of ourselves.
Residential Weekends with Michelle A. Hardwick

Residential Weekend

Residential Weekends with Michelle A. Hardwick

Residential Weekend

This November I’ll be facilitating a residential weekend in the Lake Lodge of the Liss Ard Estate  in West Cork. In previous years I’ve been fortunate to share these experiences with groups in Bali and Oslo. Now I get to share them in gorgeous West Cork, Ireland. It’s a place I’ve fallen in love with and one I hold very close to my heart.


I began running these experiences in New Zealand around 2005, with my partner Shane. Since then my residential weekends have evolved and changed. ​Designed to take participants on a journey of self-discovery and self-development, there are a total seven residential weekends. Each has a different topic/theme. The one in November is focused on inner flexibility and our ability to ‘go with the flow’. Check out my short video explaining these residential weekends here

“Knowing others is wisdom
knowing yourself is enlightenment”
Lao Tzu

Residential Weekends with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...PeaceGroup Process

​The entire weekend comprises of two full days of group exploration from 10am – 6pm, two full days’ tuition with discussions, experiences, group sharing, as well as meditations (which are recorded as MP3’s and sent to you after the weekend). Not only that, there is an overnight stay in the stunning Lake Lodge accommodation, with access to the extensive and beautiful grounds of the Liss Ard Estate (check out the Lake Lodge video here)​.

Included in the package are healthy (yet yummy+filling) vegetarian/vegan meals: 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast as well as your home-baked refreshments cooked by our very own Chef Jorien. There is an optional extra of staying on the Friday night to really pamper yourself, should you wish.

Residential Weekend Feedback

Residential Weekends in Ireland with Michelle A. HardwickOur participants all tell us these weekends are incredibly powerful and potent​. Here are a few comments we’ve recently received: ​

  • “Thank you Michelle for an extraordinary Weekend experience!!”
  • “The Weekend was very beneficial to me and I feel absolutely fantastic in my own skin now. I cannot thank you enough for this feeling.”
  • “I highly recommend Michelle’s work. Michelle created a safe, sacred space, which she held masterfully. Her knowledge of the subject, her depth of experience, her sensitivity and kindness, as well as her commitment to her own growth and to supporting others in theirs was truly inspirational. All of this contributed to what was for me, a very powerful and life-changing weekend. I will definitely be attending the rest of the retreats. The ideal location (Liss Ard Estate) and the delicious vegan food provided at the retreat were also a big part of the nurturing we all received.”

Residential Weekends with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...PeaceBe Quick!

Book now – there’s not much time left until the next residential weekend in mid-November.  Feel free to contact me or call me on Ph: 0871492338 or UK Ph: 07857369619 – if you have any questions. Do share this post with your friends…Thank you. ​​

Storm Opehlia

I am thankful that after the powerful Storm Opehlia we are still standing, although unfortunately I can’t say the same for the beautiful grounds of Liss Ard. They have been very badly affected – have a look at their recent post here). The next storm Brian is due to hit Ireland tomorrow – so t​ake care and do stay safe everyone!


Evolution/Growth with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...PeaceEvolution/Growth

Our evolution/growth is a powerful part of our lives…whether we are aware of it or not; whether we like it or not. Everything we’ve ever done in our lives, the courses, training, experiences, the pain, struggles and suffering have all guided us on our path of evolution/growth. Looking back over my life, I know my own evolution/growth has only ever been during times of crises. When things were going well, I never wanted to change anything.

Each time I found myself at a painful crossroad of some kind or another, I was ‘gently pushed’ (read:forced) to find a new solution: to grow and evolve.

Often, I’ve needed help to understand what was going on in my life from a different perspective e.g. work with other therapists using the tools of Regression, EFT, and NLP to help me ‘see the wood for the trees’.

Understanding My Evolution/Growth

As soon as I was able to understand the reason for the crisis, I then had a choice. I could release and work through my inner challenges – or not. I could let go of the many judgments I’d made about myself as well as others or remain a victim. I could process what had happened and feel compassion to the younger part of myself who did the best she could with the tools she had (or not). I could change my vibration and feel grateful for the necessary changes the crisis brought into my life. All these steps are up to me to make if I choose to take responsibility for my life and my feelings. When that is done, I can come back to reconnecting to my true nature and essence, the real me. It’s then that I take another step in my evolution/growth. Often my ego feels justified in holding onto the hurt/hatred/anger/pain but at some point I have to consider – do I want to be right or be in peace?

Evolution/Growth with Michelle A. HardwickSymptoms of Our Soul

Stubborn, lingering issues are usually symptoms of our soul. They continue to be a problem because they relate to something much deeper within ourselves. Something hidden that needs to be excavated and understood for our souls’ evolution/growth and from our souls’ perspective. Discovering the root of stubborn issues is fundamental to our development and once discovered, they facilitate our reconnection to our self, our soul, our truth. Healing is the result.


I love this quote by Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free:

“Look around you.
Everything changes.
Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing…changing.
You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.”


Evolution/Growth with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...PeaceContact Me

If you are tired of being stuck, feeling stagnant and are ready to make a change, then feel free to contact me by email or by phone: Ireland – 0871492338 or in the
UK – 07857369619 to set up an appointment. If you’d like to explore more but are not living in Ireland or the UK then we do work together online – I offer Skype and Zoom consultations, all from the comfort of your own home. In addition, consultations are available Thursdays in Cork City at the wonderful Natural Clinic. Book a consultation at the Natural clinic, here or call Andrew or Leonard on reception on (00353) 21 4311977 to help.

Why not talk to me first? I offer a free 15 minute chat to see if this type of process really is for you.

Kind Feedback

“Michelle A. Hardwick is one of the most inspirational & motivational practitioners I know. If you have ever met or worked with her in a private session you will know what I mean and agree with me. If you have not yet had the pleasure of doing so – then you better buckle up – because you are in for an incredible journey of personal development/evolution. Michelle’s teachings are profound, full of insight & wisdom which she has acquired over many years.”

Our Ego

Understanding our ego with Michelle A. HardwickUnderstanding Our Ego

In many spiritual traditions our ego is seen as the false self. It’s the mask we wear in certain situations with particular people (or groups of people); or the role we ‘play’ in our lives. It is an illusion, a mirage. Often we get caught in this false, made-up ‘self-image.’ However as we peel back the layers of who we are not, we no longer need to play ‘roles’ in our lives. Instead we begin to become our real, authentic selves – who we truly are.

Lower Mind

Our ego is connected to our lower rather than our higher mind. It is our head not our heart. Esoteric Science states:

“It keeps us on autopilot; it keeps us half asleep and most of its programs (our beliefs, strategies, thought patterns, emotional reactions and automated behaviours) were initially programmed when we were very young, so many of our reactions to life are immature and inappropriate. Some of our programs were updated and re-written as we became older and more experienced, but the deeper ones were created by and created from a very young, naive, immature and inexperienced consciousness. These old patterns are responsible for most of the unnecessary suffering in our lives, but our fear of venturing into the depths of our being allows our immature core (inner child) to endure and our unnecessary suffering to continue.”

I agree.
Let’s explore some of these statements:

Understanding our ego with Michelle A. HardwickAutopilot

It “keeps us on autopilot; half asleep” – most of our self-sabotaging behaviour (known in EFT as a Psychological Reversal) stems from our ego. It does not want to move out of it’s comfort zone – even though it can be painful to remain there. Our ego resists, hates change and will fight to keep the status quo. If there is any way our ego can halt our Soul from making changes, evolving or progressing, it will. Our ego will continue to do things as it has always done, it gets what it wants by doing it that way. The ego does not want to take responsibility for itself nor have us take command of our lives, it’s too scary to change.

Reactions to Life

“Many of our immature and inappropriate ‘reactions’ in life” are from our ego. A lot of our reactions are similar to those of a small child. I’m sure you’ve witnessed this, where the ego becomes furious, shouts, cries, lies, attempts to cover up and/or defend itself. Yet the difference between adults and small children is that children are simply be-ing in the moment. As soon as the moment has passed, their attention is diverted, the reaction is forgotten and their focus is on something else. Yet adults can stew over an event, become bitter, resentful, feel justified in their behaviour, doggedly resistant to giving any apology for a reaction.

Updating Programmes

“Some of our programs were updated and re-written as we became older” – absolutely.  Programmes that no longer serve us become extinct as we add new truths or understandings. Think for a moment of the concept of the Easter Bunny or Father Christmas. We believed them as children, and now we don’t. Any outdated belief can be changed if we are ready to change and take responsibility.

Deeper Beliefs

The “deeper ones”/beliefs are often connected with emotions or feelings that are reinforced over time. Our ego collects ‘proof’ about them. It fabricates why we need them or why we can’t (or won’t) change them. We need to excavate a little deeper within the subconscious to discover the roots of these beliefs and their secondary gains either with EFT and Hypnotherapy. Often there can be nervousness around “venturing into the depths of our being” and becoming aware of our ego – for fear of what we might uncover. But nothing bad will surface only our judgement of ourselves. Our ego is not who we truly are, it’s not our truth…we are so much more than our ego. So much bigger, more amazing and more powerful than our ego would allow or have us believe. What we discover is our real self. It’s a very empowering process.


Those with a healthy egos endure a lot of “unnecessary suffering”. Their thinking is usually that they are ‘right’ and the other person is ‘wrong’. The ego needs to be in control and so it tries to get power from the other person in order to feel powerful. At the core of our ego is insecurity, anxiety and fear. But when we are balanced, centered and calm we respond to situations and are in command of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We don’t suffer as much. Life becomes easier.

Becoming Aware

We can identify our ego by following the trail of reactions in our lives. Understanding our ego with Michelle A. Hardwick

Remember a time when you exploded over something that another person felt was seemingly small and insignificant. Reflect on that event. Check to see whether your reaction was a bit too “over the top” for what occurred.  Instead of blaming the other person and/or the drama, think why your ego reacted. What was the belief that caused the explosion? Ask yourself honestly does that belief still serve you? Is it outdated? Here are a few ways our ego shows itself:

  • it takes things personally,
  • feels attacked wants revenge,
  • won’t/can’t forgive,
  • can’t sleep and becomes unwell,
  • remains a victim, renders itself powerless,
  • overthinks, becomes self-obsessed,
  • judges the other person/people and their behaviour.

Einstein wrote:

“The more the Knowledge
Lesser the Ego

Lesser the Knowledge
More the Ego”

Michelle A. HardwickContact Me

Are you ready to break free from the limitations of your ego? If you are, then contact me by email or by phone:
Ireland – 0871492338 or in the UK – 07857369619. Alternatively contact me by email.
If you’d like to explore more – I offer Skype and Zoom consultations, all from the comfort of your own home.

Consultations are also available in Cork City at the Natural Clinic.
Book a consultation at the Natural clinic, here or call Reception on (00353) 21 4311977

Begin your journey of self-discovery and reconnect to your powerful, real, true, authentic Self now!

Anxiety Panic Attacks & Fear

Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Fear

Anxiety, panic attacks and fearAnxiety, panic attacks and fear can be frightening and debilitating. They occur for a variety of reasons, but one thing they share in common is that anxiety, panic attacks and fear have a root cause that is hidden in our past.

It’s disturbing that the number of people suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and fear is increasing as this article in the Daily Telegraph reports.  And according to this article by St. Patricks Mental Health Services it is estimated that “1 in 9 individuals will suffer a primary anxiety disorder over their lifetime.”

Anxiety quote: “Your mind is your prison when you focus on your fear.”

To become free from anxiety, fear and panic attacks we must gently uncover what is behind the fear and determine the root cause. There are some powerful tools that can help do this e.g. Regression, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and the Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as EFT or Tapping. Read more about successful research studies completed using EFT here.


By releasing the trauma from our past, fear can be replaced with confidence; anxiety can be replaced with self-belief. Through regular practice of self-hypnosis, relaxation and/or guided meditation our feelings of self-worth and confidence increase. We strengthen our ability to cope. We gain a sense of balance, self-belief and reason for being and reconnect to ourselves. The time it takes for this process depends a lot on what occurred and what we discover about your anxiety, panic attacks and fear.

Anxiety, panic attacks and fearCoping with Fear, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Should a panic attack occur it’s vital to remember to breathe deeply (from the abdomen). This helps reduces stress levels, to change our focus and grounds us in our bodies. Deep breathing helps us become more mindful too. Using EFT (like this short exercise) is incredibly helpful too.

Help is Available

I offer a free 15-20 minute phone/online chat if you’d like to connect with me in person before taking the step or booking an appointment to free yourself from your debilitating fear, anxiety and panic.

I’ll also be facilitating a new series of one day workshops. The next one is on June 10th in Douglas, Cork, Ireland. It will share a number of potent tools to help you overcome anxiety, panic attacks and fear. You’ll also experience calming relaxation and meditation techniques. Read more about the freedom from Anxiety & Fear workshop here. To book your place on this forthcoming Freedom from Anxiety & Fear workshop click here.

I also facilitate weekend experiences. Feel free to check out the details of the next Weekend here. Held in the beautiful grounds of the Liss Ard Estate in the Lake Lodge in West Cork, Ireland the weekend takes place on 12th & 13th August 2017Read more here or book your place here. A limited number of early-bird places remain.

Be Prepared for Change

There will be opportunities in your private consultation, or during the seminar and/or over the course of the weekend to release yourself from the grip of fear, panic and anxiety and finally eliminate what is no longer essential to your health, well-being and happiness. The more you release, the more you are free to achieve your potential and reconnect to your real Self.

Anxiety, panic attacks and fear with Michelle A. Hardwick
Michelle A. Hardwick

You’re not alone

Remember you are not alone, you don’t have to struggle with your fear, anxiety or panic.
Check out this video clip – shows how powerful having someone there is

Contact Me

To begin your journey of self-discovery and release your anxiety, fear or panic contact me by email or by phone:
Ireland – 0871492338 or in the UK – 07857369619. Alternatively contact me by email.

Consultations for anxiety, panic attacks and fear are also available in Cork City at the Natural Clinic.
Book a consultation at the Natural clinic, here or call Reception on (00353) 21 4311977

Message of Love

Shocking News

In March, after completing another weekend in the Wonder of the Soul series I received some shocking news. I woke on the Tuesday morning to messages from my brother explaining that my Father had had a massive stroke in the night. I cancelled my clients, booked the first available flight from Ireland (Thank God for Aer Lingus) and hurried over to Wales. It transpired that his speech had been severely affected by the stroke. The muscles in his face had dropped and he was unable to talk or swallow properly. His body and mind were ok. He was lucky – he was alive. It could have been a lot worse.


On some level I had a sense, even though I had no idea what, that something huge was on its’ way. On the last day of the Weekend Wonder of the Soul, I shared my feelings with the group in our final feedback. I felt slightly unsure about saying it, but needed to speak my truth. I expressed how wonderful the weekend had been, how well we’d dealt with the topics of personal power, drive, motivation and determination. Together the group had uncovered and discovered more about themselves, those topics and how everything was related. As the weekend concluded, I told the group I sensed something powerful was about to happen. I felt it was to do with my Father and how the dynamics of our relationship would change.

Waves of EmotionQuan Yin Qwan Yin Kwanyin

In the days that followed my Father’s stroke, it took all of my strength to stay grounded, present and in the moment. Waves of emotion would crash over me. I knew I had to process them. I tapped using EFT, breathed deeply and cried heaps. Sometimes I felt I was drowning. Other times I felt able to cope, my head was just ‘above the surface’. Occasionally there’d be ‘glimpses of sunshine’ too – synchronicities would occur and things people said often felt like messages from the Universe/the Divine.

What was interesting was that on Monday, the day before I received the news of my Father’s stroke, I’d been meditating at home. I saw an image of the beautiful Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, Qwan Yin. In my inner vision and minds’ eye she came to me, held and surrounded me with the most exquisite feeling of divine love and told me everything would be ok. So as I bobbed about like a cork on the ocean of emotion, her image and those feelings kept coming back to me, comforting me.

The first week was a blur. My Mother and I got into a routine. Waking late, we’d have breakfast and talk. We’d get the things ready that my Dad needed. We’d answer phone calls from family, relatives & friends and head over to the hospital for visiting time. We’d be with my Father, my siblings and try our best to communicate with him. Mum & I would return home, grab a bite to eat and head back for evening visiting time. We’d leave again, make our way home, sit for a while at night (watching TV and eating chocolates!) flopping into bed, exhausted. Next day, we’d get up and repeat.….and so it went on for a week. Slowly my Father regained some strength. The staff at the Hospital were amazing.

Goodbye and Goodnight

Daily my Father practiced his facial and speech exercises. He was absolutely demonstrating motivation, drive and determination (things we’d talked about in our Wonder of the Soul weekend). Yet in my mind, I kept going back to how he used to be. There were times, when I struggled to accept that this was how he was now. The hardest thing was the end of evening visiting hours. We’d have to leave my Father in hospital. Sometimes once we’d left the building, my Mother and I would hold each other, breakdown together and cry.  Message of Love

On the fourth evening, as was becoming the norm, he accompanied us to the main doors. My Father hugged & kissed me and then turned to my Mother. He looked her into the eyes, held her firmly by the shoulders and as distinctly and as clearly as he could, he said:

They hugged each other tightly. I burst into tears. Such a beautiful, heartfelt message of love.
He’d been practicing for days to say those 3 words to my Mum.
I felt so humbled to witness the deep love my parents had for one another.
Even after 60 years of marriage, there was such a strong connection between them.

Good News

The good news is since then, my Father has returned home, is recovering well, sleeping loads and back on solid food again. His speech hasn’t returned fully but he’s improving slowly and getting speech therapy weekly. He works every day on his exercises. He’s been cleared to drive and has even made a few short trips to local towns in the area. My parents rest, they watch a lot of afternoon TV and hold hands. We are all incredibly grateful…. Many thanks to everyone who helped us during this very difficult time. You are very much appreciated and loved.



Meditation can take many forms. Years ago (in my youth), I thought that there was just one style – like all the photos I’d seen – with people sitting cross-legged, wearing robes, chanting Om. I’d decided that that, wasn’t for me. To be honest, I was also constantly moving, running through my life, so I definitely wasn’t the type of person who could sit still for long periods of time, nor do that thing with my legs. Back then, I was terrified of anything remotely “woo-woo” i.e. weird/religious/or ‘out there’ – all of that stuff frightened me to death. I was sure I’d end up joining a cult, being whisked away and never seeing my family again. Those limiting beliefs stayed with me until…I had a marriage break-up. Oh boy.

That was big.

After that experience, I knew I needed to change. I couldn’t continue living my life the way I had been. I knew I would have to do something completely different. I decided to take myself away on a silent meditation retreat up on the beautiful Banks Peninsula on the outskirts of Christchurch, New Zealand. Terrified I booked myself in, wondering what on earth I would discover. I drove there and parked my car. The silence where the retreat was held, was breath-taking. I joined the group gathered and after our introductions, we were told how the weekend would go. It all seemed fairly ‘normal’ to me. After supper, we were invited to sit and breathe. ‘Yes’, I thought, ‘I can do that’. And I did. Meditation with Michelle A. Hardwick

At the end of that experience, the facilitator introduced us to the poet Rumi. No-one spoke as he read a poem. It was magical. The poem, Rumi and that profound moment has stayed with me for over 14 years now- check it out (eyes right!)…

Walking Meditation

During that weekend we were also introduced to the simplicity of a walking meditation. I learned I didn’t have to sit cross-legged the entire weekend. I could walk and meditate at the same time. WOW. No more sitting still nor battling my mind? Bliss.

So I tried it. I slowed my breathing down as was taught, took slow steps along the path. I attempted to be very mindful of where I placed my feet, the steps I took, the path I walked, the stones beside the path, the grass growing up through the cracks in the path and that profound silence. It was a very powerful experience for me.

Guided Meditation

Years on from that incredible weekend in New Zealand, I now facilitate guided meditations. A guided meditation is a style that suits me well and I love sharing. It’s where I invite you to sit still (yes, I’ve even learned how to do it too), breathe and follow a process. The experience is easy to follow. Guided meditation is suitable for you if your mind is busy, or if you are new to meditation. It’s easier than battling your thoughts.  It can help you begin to feel calm, relaxed or refreshed. It can take place one-to-one, with others, in small or large groups or during my weekend experiences held in Ireland and around the world.

Guided Meditation with Michelle A. HardwickMeditation Style

Know that there are countless different styles of meditation and ways to meditate. What’s important is to try different ones and find the style that best suits you.  You can meditate while stirring the soup, in the shower or even waiting at the traffic lights. So… to start with, keep it simple. The Master Eckhart Tolle says:

One conscious breath – in and out – is a meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

After my weekend experience, I loved going for mindful walks with my dog and meditating. It was (and still is) a way of reconnecting to myself, taking some time out. It allowed me space to regroup after my day at the office. Try it, stick to it – your mind and body will thank you for it. There are countless articles and research papers that prove the benefits of meditation. Here are some areas you can change through the use of regular meditation:

  • Emotions – reduce stress, anxiety, increase confidence.
  • Heart – feel more balanced, compassionate, connected, optimistic, joyful.
  • Brain – train your brain, transform your mind, improve brain function.
  • Body – increase immunity, prevent disease, reduce ageing.
  • Sleep – lower heart rate, reduce blood pressure, gain restful sleep.

Michelle A. HardwickFree Experience

At the end of this month, I will be facilitating an event, a free Guided Meditation Experience in Cork at the Maryborough Hotel and Spa. You are very welcome to join us.

Earlier this year I gave different talk at the Spa. The talk included a guided meditation. Here’s what one person very kindly messaged me afterwards:

I really enjoyed your talk on Thursday night. Much more than I expected. I fell asleep twice during the meditation, I was aware of your voice but nodded off twice, then fell asleep on the chair when I got home, then slept like a log all night.

Feel free to call the Spa on 021 4918 350 or email spa@maryborough.ie to register your place or contact me if you have any questions.

Millions of people all over the world meditate – come, experience it for yourself. 

Moving House

Moving House with Michelle A. HardwickMoving House

We’re currently in the process of moving house. It’s the reason why there have been no posts from me – until now.

Moving house represents a massive period of change for everyone – adults, children, pets and even plants. The UK’s Daily Telegraph shared an article about Moving House written by Eimear O’Hagan  stating that “in a recent poll, two thirds of people voted moving house top of their stress list, with it triggering more anxiety than relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job.”

I agree. We’re not only having to cope with numerous factors that are out of our control e.g. probate timing, solicitors’ and land agents timing; but we have to juggle work commitments and make sure our basic needs are met – such as eating and sleeping. In addition, there is a whole process of going through our treasures or “stuff” ( and realizing just how much we’ve collected/hoarded in a short space of time!). Finally we have to then decide what to let go of – and what to keep. The final stages are packing/unpacking and finding new places for everything! Here’s a handy checklist to help you too. The whole experience can be massively unsettling for anyone. No matter how many times you’ve done it or how mindful you are.

Stay Grounded While Moving House

Having everything everywhere creates a feeling of being displaced and ungrounded. My partner and I have moved a few times already, so I decided to go about this move differently.
Firstly as soon as I heard the news that our offer had been accepted, I got busy in the kitchen making loads of meals and putting them in the freezer ready for us to take out defrost and reheat. In the past I’d turned to fast food to get us through – which was neither satisfying nor nutritious. This time, I bought partially ready-made superfoods like quinoa, lentils, gluten free pasta, frozen vegetables too that could be made into or added to meals quickly. I made sure I drank plenty of fresh, pure, filtered water. As much as I could, I took a short walk out in nature each morning.

Moving House and Keeping Balance

Keeping  balance while moving house can be tricky. Be mindful that this such a massive process of change. Coupled with the above, I scheduled myself into my own diary to have a treatment of reflexology. (If I’m not balanced – then the consequences are disastrous for everyone!) Reflexology helps me relax and come back to my centre. Even then with everything that was going on, it wasn’t always easy and there were still times when I felt overwhelmed. When that happened I would tap (using EFT).

When I felt myself tense up I would do some deep breathing. (The best way to do this is to have big sighs as you breathe out. Lift your shoulders up as you breathe in and drop them as your breath out). If worst came to worst, I’d take myself off and go to bed early.

Mindfully Moving House

Moving House with Michelle A. HardwickMindfully moving house is important. Making sure our bodies are nurtured is just one part. Do all you can to remain mindful and aware that this process is a journey. Trust that all will work out perfectly, as it is meant to.

And of course, it does.

I am still incredibly grateful and in awe of how quickly and magically everything came together. What usually takes months – even a year in some cases, took us 2 months from signing to moving.

We also found what we needed for the house, when we needed it. We are still unpacking and our ‘nest’ is still unfolding. I am humbled at how supported we’ve been.

More blogs coming soon!



Gratitude - 7th wonder of the soul weekendI am full of gratitude. Recently I facilitated the final and 7th of our ‘Seven Wonders of the Soul Weekend‘ at the Liss Ard Estate, West Cork, Ireland. Each of these weekends take place roughly every 3-4 months, and form part of a evolutionary programme that extends over a 2-year period.

My gratitude is to everyone in this group because they have been through a lot. There were a number of ups and downs for each of them over the two years since we began in 2014. I am delighted and thrilled that many decided to stay with the programme and see it all the way through.

Group Process

The weekends give our soul a platform on which to express itself. We get to peel back/drop layers of ‘who were are not’ to uncover who we truly are. Sometimes we discover things we love about ourselves. Sometimes things we don’t like. This can be hard for our ego to accept.

Gratitude to All

A group setting like this offers a special opportunity for a shared journey and promotes greater insights, profound realizations and an experience of powerful group energy. So naturally over the two years there were participants who came and went. Some attended one of these weekends, others stayed for a few. Their attendance related to their availability; commitments; where they were at personally; or how far they chose to go on their own journey of evolution. Every single person who participated in the group learned something about themselves and also shared something valuable of themselves with the group; their sharing allowed us all to grow. I feel such gratitude to each of them too.

Continuing the Journey

Now that this group has completed the seven weekends, what does this mean? Are they Perfect? Well…Not quite. They have much more self-awareness and understanding. Now they choose whether to listen to their ego or their soul. They can choose whether they want to feel hurt or upset. Now, instead of carrying emotional baggage around with them, they can make a decision, choose to drop the emotional suffering, work through it, take the gift, feel the gratitude and let the rest go.

I doubt I will ever be perfect, (that’s not why I am on this planet) nor am I finished with my growth. Until I have learned all I need to learn, shared all I need to share, taught all I need to teach, given all I must give and taken all that I need to take, my journey will not be complete. It is on-going. Sometimes it’s not nice, but it’s all part of the plan. However, when we stop our growth this is a decision which is based from our ego not our soul. Our soul will continue to put us in challenging/difficult situations so that we can grow/learn. If we keep the status quo and stop learning – that’s when we get stuck either in our ego, or we become unwell and we suffer emotionally.

Gratitude for Your Kind Feedback

The group members have given me permission to share their feedback. I am very grateful them for doing this. Here’s what some of them shared:

“I learned that pain is a positive resource in the search for my self. I learned that I have come such a long way in two years. I am getting closer to enjoying the process of letting go and that fear has been my driver for years”

“It is easier to have the support of a group to help you with a deeper level of understanding”

Gratitude seven-wonders-of-soul“Go to these weekends as its an investment in your life’s journey and will help you understand things at a faster and deeper level”

“Fantastic weekend. Great to connect with Source. Loved our group meditation. The weekend is transformative, unlike a therapy session you leave with a sense of what to do next and how to process. Unlike a massage or a spa treatment the transformation is lasting. It is a balm to soothe your wounded heart and soul”

“A life-changing journey which one has to walk to understand. I would say ‘look at my life now’. This is a gift to your Self, your Soul and Family”

“Wonderful journey of our souls: unfolding, discovering, healing, empowering, truly profound we are amazingly guided by an extraordinary, lively soul”

“I get to experience myself within the understanding of the topics we being worked on. With respect, confidentiality and trust, a number of people share during 2 days a part of their life. The weekend provides a space to feel yourself, choose to heal, meet beautiful human beings, taste food, share you with other people and be with nature”

What an amazing journey we have been on – my thanks and love to each of you.


Michelle A. HardwickIf you are ready to take part in an inner journey of evolution in these life-changing weekends called The ‘Seven Wonders of the Soul’ contact me, Michelle A. Hardwick. 

Our next weekend will be held at the Liss Ard Lake Lodge, West Cork, Ireland on 10th & 11th December 2016 – for more details and to book your place, click here

Michelle also offers personal consultations – either in the UK, or Ireland at the Natural Clinic in Cork city or online via Skype or Zoom.

Contact Michelle on Phone – 0871 492338 (in Ireland) or Ph: 0785 7369619 (in the UK).

Emotional Suffering

Emotional Suffering

In an earlier post I made reference to a wonderful book that I had read years ago titled: “Loyalty to your Soul” by Hulnick and Hulnick.  In one of their chapters they explore Emotional Suffering:

“Emotional suffering is a direct result of seeing life through ego-centred eyes that justify an ‘I’m upset because…’”

Emotional SufferingWow. Let’s just re-read that statement again:

Emotional suffering is a direct result of seeing life through ego-centred eyes
that justify
an ‘I’m upset because…’

That’s powerful isn’t it?

I have to admit, in my past, I thrived on the drama, I loved ‘being upset because….’, telling the tale of my woes, feeling angry a lot of the time – being justified in feeling angry, looking for someone or something to blame. Naturally I was miserable and upset a lot of the time. I would constantly be in ‘victim mode’. There was always something happening in my life. Sometimes what was happening was fun, but more often than not, it was exhausting and painful. I was oblivious to the fact that I actually gave my power away so many times, in numerous situations and to countless people.

Thankfully now though, I have changed (just a bit). I engage much less in that type of behaviour. I still have to remain mindful and be a witness to my ego. If I give it enough time, thought or power/energy; it can still try and steal the show.

Emotional Suffering and the EgoEmotional Suffering and Ego-centred Eyes

We do suffer emotionally when we observe things through ego-centred eyes – especially when we judge others. We’ll often use ego-language, like the word ‘should’. “You should have done that….” or “He should have said this…”.

Our ego will try to set up a power gradient, using the word ‘should’ by placing itself above others in an ‘I am better than you’, or ‘I know more than you’ attitude. The word ‘should’ debilitates, it attempts to manipulate others by creating guilt, limits our choice to BE who we are and prevents us from exercising our own free will.


Emotional suffering also happens when we have expectations. Expectations are a way for us to try to ‘control’ an outcome in our heads. While living in New Zealand many years ago, I learned a powerful phrase:

“Expectation is the Mother of all Disappointment”.

How true that is. When we have expectations, our ego is more than likely going to be disappointed. Whatever it is, will never measure up to what our ego expects. When we have no expectation, we are in our hearts and open to what is.

Allowing Things to Be

I wonder, what would it be like, if we allowed things to be as they are, rather than how we would like or want them to be? I’m not suggesting we give up on life completely nor abdicate responsibility, we need to remain in command of our lives but instead respond to a situation as and when it arises.

Then we allow things to be, we are in our hearts not our heads, we are connected to the Universe, to our Higher Selves and to our Soul. In this place we accept all things that come to us. We see everything as a lesson, something to learn from. An opportunity to help us to grow and evolve.

Ready for Change?

Michelle A. HardwickIf you’ve had enough of emotional suffering, seeing life through ego-centred eyes, are sick the drama and no longer wish to be controlled by your ego then feel free to contact me, Michelle A. Hardwick for a personal consultation – either in person at the Natural Clinic in Cork city or online via Skype or Zoom.

Alternatively consider being part of our life-changing weekends in Ireland called The ‘Seven Wonders of the Soul’.  A group setting offers a special opportunity for a shared journey. This environment promotes greater insights, profound realizations as well as experiencing powerful group energy. Our next weekend will be held at the Liss Ard Lake Lodge, West Cork, Ireland on 10th & 11th December 2016 – for more details and to book your place click here

Or contact Michelle on Phone – 0871 492338 (in Ireland) or Ph: 0785 7369619 (in the UK).