Unresolved Issues

Unresolved Issues – What’s in your Backpack?

Recently I picked up the book “Loyalty to your Soul” by Hulnick and Hulnick. I’d read it years ago, but was drawn to looking at it again. There was a thought-provoking paragraph about unresolved issues on page 143:

Unresolved issues“Imagine that it’s a lovely spring day (or an Autumn day as it now is in the Northern Hemisphere) and you’re enjoying a walk in the mountains. Since you’re out for the day, you have a backpack with food, rain gear, and a few other essentials. You also have about 80 pounds of rocks of assorted sizes in your pack, of which you’re completely unaware. Further as you walk along, you unconsciously pick up additional rocks and add them to your burden.

You’re probably wondering why in the world would anyone do such a thing, unless of course he or she was in training for the Olympics. Consider the possibility that this is exactly what you’re doing, unbeknownst to yourself, several times every single day.”

Unresolved Issues

The rocks that Hulnick and Hulnick describe are our unresolved issues. These are the challenges or “triggers” that disturb our inner peace. Sometimes we know they are there and we choose not to look at them, we are resistant to change. Many are fearful of raking up the past: yet here is where our power and energy lie. Often our backpack gets so darn heavy that we are forced us to put it down and rather unwillingly, open it up.

This happened to a client called ‘Jane’. She was recently recommended to see me by one of her close friends. Jane was at her wits’ end, in an extremely difficult place where her past was painfully coming up. She could no longer keep running or hide from it. Jane was depressed, overwhelmed and knew she could no longer carry on living the way she had been previously. Jane knew that something had to change. She didn’t wish to re-live the pain. Jane had come to a place where she was ready to release her past and let it go.

She took responsibility and removed the rocks and unresolved issues from her backpack. Together we sorted and processed them. We covered a lot of ground in the 2 hours we were together. It was a powerful transformation. Jane finally freed herself. It was a privilege for me to work with her. Later, Jane’s friend came back to me after the session saying:

“‘Jane’ is transformed! She is so happy to finally understand what’s going on.
She just got it. Totally saw everything.”

Unresolved issues

I love it when that happens. Makes what I do so worthwhile! Carrying a heavy backpack of unresolved stuff and issues is exhausting. Every step on our journey drains us. There is little or no joy in life.

How heavy does that backpack have to be, before we take a peek inside? Do we just keep on unconsciously picking up more rocks and adding them to our backpack – or is it time for a change?

Ready to let go of unresolved issues in your Backpack?

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