I’ve a Confession to Make….

Confession: I've made a boo-boo

I’ve a Confession to Make….

I made a boo-boo. Yep I sure did! Let me fill you in on what’s happened. Last year, after our week-long retreat some of the group were kind enough to give me valuable feedback about their experience. I collected the information, reflected on it and decided to create a whole new experience this year. I thought about what would want if I was attending such an event. So here’s my confession:

8 Night ExperienceNovember 2016

I wanted to have masterful, experienced practitioners to work one-on-one on me: mind, body, emotions and soul to help me powerfully change. To have potent group experiences; I wanted to eat only organic food, tailored specifically to my nutritional needs; I wanted time out to reflect in nature, to be together eight nights, and the all important thing (for me): to have my own room.

Because I’ve attended a number of retreats and although I’ve met some wonderful people that I shared a room with (and am still friends with them to this day). I confess, I wanted to be able to have my own space, to get up in the middle of the night; to write, think, reflect, process – even cry if I had to.

So having created a powerful programme which encompassed all of these things, I only offered only a single price and single accommodation. A big boo-boo. Costs have increased for every single item since last year: the accommodation, the food, the room rental, as well as the practitioners’ fees etc. Not only that, but in the last retreat a lot of my time was offered free-of-charge. I know I have to change this pattern (I give loads of things away for free) and  have to start valuing what I do and offer. Naturally having all of these things made the price expensive.

Dream Programme

Confession: Eight Night Experience with Michelle A. HardwickSo although I’d created my “dream programme” I now realize – perhaps a bit too late – that it’s not flexible enough for those who wish to join and who’s needs (including financial ones) are different.

So I thought I’d better ‘fess up and let you know that there is now a shared accommodation fee if you wish to join AND share a room with someone. I’ve paired the price down as much as I possibly can. I have also taken off the 5% surcharge for payment online. Please take a look at the new prices and information at this link. There is also a new pdf version too if you wish to download it and read at your leisure:

Hoping you’ll forgive my big boo-boo.

With love to you all,