Finally it’s here! To be honest I never thought I’d make it. I’d been saying for ages I needed a new website, and I’d even talked to a few people about doing it. However, I never managed to get things up and running – partly due to my feelings of dread about how big a task it would be – but also I had told myself how little time I had available in my life and schedule. So nothing changed.

Beautifully painted ElephantThen I took the plunge and on recommendation I contacted Snehal. As we discussed my needs, I felt relieved. Someone to share the burden.

As the weeks progressed I felt a bit overwhelmed until I was again reminded of that time-honoured question (I am sure you’ve heard of it too):

“How do you eat an elephant?”
“One bite at a time.”

So welcome to my new site, made one bite at a time…with the incredible help of Snehal Patel of  M2 Webdesigning – I am so grateful for ALL of his guidance, patience and complete understanding of my vision and wishes!

I hope you love my new site as much I do and that you’ll visit these pages again and again to see what else I’ve added as time progresses. Yes! There’ll be more coming soon…


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