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Message of Love

Shocking News

In March, after completing another weekend in the Wonder of the Soul series I received some shocking news. I woke on the Tuesday morning to messages from my brother explaining that my Father had had a massive stroke in the night. I cancelled my clients, booked the first available flight from Ireland (Thank God for Aer Lingus) and hurried over to Wales. It transpired that his speech had been severely affected by the stroke. The muscles in his face had dropped and he was unable to talk or swallow properly. His body and mind were ok. He was lucky – he was alive. It could have been a lot worse.


On some level I had a sense, even though I had no idea what, that something huge was on its’ way. On the last day of the Weekend Wonder of the Soul, I shared my feelings with the group in our final feedback. I felt slightly unsure about saying it, but needed to speak my truth. I expressed how wonderful the weekend had been, how well we’d dealt with the topics of personal power, drive, motivation and determination. Together the group had uncovered and discovered more about themselves, those topics and how everything was related. As the weekend concluded, I told the group I sensed something powerful was about to happen. I felt it was to do with my Father and how the dynamics of our relationship would change.

Waves of EmotionQuan Yin Qwan Yin Kwanyin

In the days that followed my Father’s stroke, it took all of my strength to stay grounded, present and in the moment. Waves of emotion would crash over me. I knew I had to process them. I tapped using EFT, breathed deeply and cried heaps. Sometimes I felt I was drowning. Other times I felt able to cope, my head was just ‘above the surface’. Occasionally there’d be ‘glimpses of sunshine’ too – synchronicities would occur and things people said often felt like messages from the Universe/the Divine.

What was interesting was that on Monday, the day before I received the news of my Father’s stroke, I’d been meditating at home. I saw an image of the beautiful Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, Qwan Yin. In my inner vision and minds’ eye she came to me, held and surrounded me with the most exquisite feeling of divine love and told me everything would be ok. So as I bobbed about like a cork on the ocean of emotion, her image and those feelings kept coming back to me, comforting me.

The first week was a blur. My Mother and I got into a routine. Waking late, we’d have breakfast and talk. We’d get the things ready that my Dad needed. We’d answer phone calls from family, relatives & friends and head over to the hospital for visiting time. We’d be with my Father, my siblings and try our best to communicate with him. Mum & I would return home, grab a bite to eat and head back for evening visiting time. We’d leave again, make our way home, sit for a while at night (watching TV and eating chocolates!) flopping into bed, exhausted. Next day, we’d get up and repeat.….and so it went on for a week. Slowly my Father regained some strength. The staff at the Hospital were amazing.

Goodbye and Goodnight

Daily my Father practiced his facial and speech exercises. He was absolutely demonstrating motivation, drive and determination (things we’d talked about in our Wonder of the Soul weekend). Yet in my mind, I kept going back to how he used to be. There were times, when I struggled to accept that this was how he was now. The hardest thing was the end of evening visiting hours. We’d have to leave my Father in hospital. Sometimes once we’d left the building, my Mother and I would hold each other, breakdown together and cry.  Message of Love

On the fourth evening, as was becoming the norm, he accompanied us to the main doors. My Father hugged & kissed me and then turned to my Mother. He looked her into the eyes, held her firmly by the shoulders and as distinctly and as clearly as he could, he said:

They hugged each other tightly. I burst into tears. Such a beautiful, heartfelt message of love.
He’d been practicing for days to say those 3 words to my Mum.
I felt so humbled to witness the deep love my parents had for one another.
Even after 60 years of marriage, there was such a strong connection between them.

Good News

The good news is since then, my Father has returned home, is recovering well, sleeping loads and back on solid food again. His speech hasn’t returned fully but he’s improving slowly and getting speech therapy weekly. He works every day on his exercises. He’s been cleared to drive and has even made a few short trips to local towns in the area. My parents rest, they watch a lot of afternoon TV and hold hands. We are all incredibly grateful…. Many thanks to everyone who helped us during this very difficult time. You are very much appreciated and loved.

Emotional Suffering

Emotional Suffering

In an earlier post I made reference to a wonderful book that I had read years ago titled: “Loyalty to your Soul” by Hulnick and Hulnick.  In one of their chapters they explore Emotional Suffering:

“Emotional suffering is a direct result of seeing life through ego-centred eyes that justify an ‘I’m upset because…’”

Emotional SufferingWow. Let’s just re-read that statement again:

Emotional suffering is a direct result of seeing life through ego-centred eyes
that justify
an ‘I’m upset because…’

That’s powerful isn’t it?

I have to admit, in my past, I thrived on the drama, I loved ‘being upset because….’, telling the tale of my woes, feeling angry a lot of the time – being justified in feeling angry, looking for someone or something to blame. Naturally I was miserable and upset a lot of the time. I would constantly be in ‘victim mode’. There was always something happening in my life. Sometimes what was happening was fun, but more often than not, it was exhausting and painful. I was oblivious to the fact that I actually gave my power away so many times, in numerous situations and to countless people.

Thankfully now though, I have changed (just a bit). I engage much less in that type of behaviour. I still have to remain mindful and be a witness to my ego. If I give it enough time, thought or power/energy; it can still try and steal the show.

Emotional Suffering and the EgoEmotional Suffering and Ego-centred Eyes

We do suffer emotionally when we observe things through ego-centred eyes – especially when we judge others. We’ll often use ego-language, like the word ‘should’. “You should have done that….” or “He should have said this…”.

Our ego will try to set up a power gradient, using the word ‘should’ by placing itself above others in an ‘I am better than you’, or ‘I know more than you’ attitude. The word ‘should’ debilitates, it attempts to manipulate others by creating guilt, limits our choice to BE who we are and prevents us from exercising our own free will.


Emotional suffering also happens when we have expectations. Expectations are a way for us to try to ‘control’ an outcome in our heads. While living in New Zealand many years ago, I learned a powerful phrase:

“Expectation is the Mother of all Disappointment”.

How true that is. When we have expectations, our ego is more than likely going to be disappointed. Whatever it is, will never measure up to what our ego expects. When we have no expectation, we are in our hearts and open to what is.

Allowing Things to Be

I wonder, what would it be like, if we allowed things to be as they are, rather than how we would like or want them to be? I’m not suggesting we give up on life completely nor abdicate responsibility, we need to remain in command of our lives but instead respond to a situation as and when it arises.

Then we allow things to be, we are in our hearts not our heads, we are connected to the Universe, to our Higher Selves and to our Soul. In this place we accept all things that come to us. We see everything as a lesson, something to learn from. An opportunity to help us to grow and evolve.

Ready for Change?

Michelle A. HardwickIf you’ve had enough of emotional suffering, seeing life through ego-centred eyes, are sick the drama and no longer wish to be controlled by your ego then feel free to contact me, Michelle A. Hardwick for a personal consultation – either in person at the Natural Clinic in Cork city or online via Skype or Zoom.

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Connection and Enlightenment

Connection and EnlightenmentConnection and enlightenment with Michelle A. Hardwick

Although not apparent to us at the time, we do have a spiritual connection and are very enlightened at an early age. As we grow into our teens and twenties, life experiences challenge us, and we consciously (or unconsciously) shut down or lose this connection. As we grow even older, we begin to feel that something is missing in our lives. We might ask ourselves:

“Is this what my life is all about?”
“Is this all there is to my life?”

Inner Paddler

We know and feel that there must be something more.
It’s as if an ‘inner paddler’ awakens within us – paddling us forward: searching – looking – reading – needing to discover more, to seek answers to those important questions about our life, and what we truly want to do with it.

Inner Journey

That’s when our journey of self-discovery commences: we start processing, releasing and making peace with our past.  As we break free, we move beyond the confines of our mind, intellect and physical body. Our ego, once fueled by insecurities, becomes quieter and we develop true confidence, authenticity and self-knowledge. We start to let go of past judgments, become more accepting and go further, deeper into our innermost self. We continue on and our perspective changes. We see life differently, we feel more compassion, kindness, forgiveness towards others. We experience a sense of oneness and reconnect to the spiritual world.

Powerful Quote

I searched for a quote that would encompass my thoughts for this post and I found this one from New Zealand. I feel it describes many aspects of life beautifully – not just the state of oneness:

Connection and enlightenment with Michelle A. Hardwick“Kaua e rangiruatia te hā o te hoe;
e kore tō tātou waka e ū ki uta”
‘Do not lift the paddle out of unison
or our canoe will never reach the shore’

Most of us, whether we are conscious of it or not, are paddling – I’d like to think we’re paddling towards a shore of oneness. I know some are already there. Others are only just starting out. We’re all at different stages of our inner journey. But it’s when we ignore our ‘inner paddler’, that we remain disconnected and never reach the shore.

While travelling the world for many years, I have had the privilege to meet amazing people – all of whom are paddling. I have also facilitated countless workshops and  one-on-one consultations, designed to help wonderful awakening individuals become one: to reconnect, grow and evolve and reach the shore.

Completion of a Journey

On 22nd & 23rd October 2016, the group that began their inner journey in 2014, will complete their 7th and final weekend Wonder of the Soul and reach their shore. It’s been an absolute joy and honour for me to journey with these incredibly dedicated group of souls. Their final life-changing weekend will include many experiences and opportunities to:

Connection and enlightenment with Michelle A. Hardwick

  • Begin to feel a direct connection
  • Feel enlightened
  • Feel aligned and supported by the earth
  • Become aware of divine order in all things
  • Radiate love and peace to all
  • Experience more bliss
  • See everyone as equal, without judgment
  • Live their humanity and divinity simultaneously
  • To share their gifts; enjoy life to the full and live their life filled with passion.

I can’t wait! So many gifts will surface as the weekend unfolds. If you’d like to know more:
please download and print out a pdf of this event here
Alternatively read more about the Wonder of the Soul Weekend Seven online. Take a peek at some of the very kind testimonials received from participants from our previous weekends.

New journey Begins

As one journey ends a new one begins! Come, join and paddle with us at the first weekend Wonder of the Soul experience. This weekend will be the start of a series of seven workshops, held in the beautiful grounds of the Liss Ard Estate in the Lake Lodge in West Cork, Ireland. It will take place on 24th & 25th September and we will explore more about self-esteem and self-worth. Read more about all of the seven Wonders of the Soul Weekends here or just book your place now! There are a few places remaining – there’s one with your name on it…

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