Future Life Progression

Consider this: What if you could go back to the younger you and give yourself advice…What would you say?
Would you still make the same decisions or choices? Or would you change what you did and how you did it? 

Past, Present and Future

Benefits of Future Life Progression
Benefits of Future Life Progression

In a split second you can be in the present moment and in the past. Familiar food like the smell of baking or your mothers’ cooking can transport you back in time, hearing your favourite song on the radio can do that too. Just as it is possible to go back into the past, you can move forward into the future.

Imagine you are anticipating attending an event or preparing for one – perhaps a day or two – or even a year from now. Examples might include a romantic date, (and who hasn’t gone into the future to wonder what might happen?); meeting up with friends at the weekend and deciding what you’ll wear/cook; going on a holiday or vacation; passing your exams; planning a wedding or an anniversary of some kind.

What you are doing is traveling forward in time to connect to a variety of feelings, sensations, images or energies of that future experience.  It’s not unusual. It’s something we capable of doing without consciously thinking about. 

Shakti Gwain wrote an book many years ago which I found incredibly helpful. It was called Creative Visualization and in it Gawain explains how to use mental imagery to produce positive changes in your life, to channel energies in good directions and experience deep relaxation.

New Choices

Through deep relaxation (Hypnosis) you can access your subconscious mind and connect to the “future you”. As and when appropriate, this future you can share information about various decisions, choices, paths and experiences that you haven’t yet made. You can ask advice or gain wisdom from your future self and then make slight adjustments in your current life to create a fresh set of positive circumstances.

Feeling Peace

Fear and anxiety are experience when you go into the future and worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. But what if you knew in advance that it all worked out fine? How freeing or empowering would that be?

Future life progression can help you feel peace as well as a sense of confidence and positivity. You can begin to trust and believe in yourself and the choices you make. Imagine that. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Or wonderful even? Contact me and discover more!

Going back to our past is incredibly helpful, remaining grounded and present in this moment is too, yet accessing the future can also bring us enormous rewards.

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